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by the big u!

DINA: they're still listening

I'm well aware. They're interesting little guys! Some can be pretty stubborn, too - but they definitely can't see us, at least.

DINA: what...

DINA: uh, what even are those things

They're an audience, of course. Sentient creatures, serving as a viewpoint for people from other places.

DINA: and they just float around?

They're very common in between. You don't have to worry, they won't hurt you or anything.

DINA: ...okay

DINA: what's between? you mentioned that before

I guess I should explain in a way you can understand. Hm... Imagine a couch's cushions, and how things can fall between those cushions. Right? Those cushions represent universes, and we're between them. It's a place many visit - you have to pass through it to access other universes, after all.

DINA: so there's other universes

DINA: and we're... between... them. oh. between.

DINA: that's a stupid name

Not all of us are as creatively gifted as you and your friends.

DINA: ...who... who are you, anyways?

DINA: you said i'd know you or something

I'm... well, that's hard to explain, too. You understand there's a multitude of universes, all existing in this same space here.

DINA: right

The overall space, the collective universe - I'm an extension of that! Like Albus is an extension of the game.

DINA: so you're like... god?

No! No. Not at all. Just a representation of existence itself. My existence doesn't prove or refute any religious beliefs.

DINA: ...okay

DINA: wait so why would i recognize you

My most common form is that of the person closest to the heart of whoever I'm talking to. For example, if I talked to your friend Aldrich, I'm sure I'd appear to be Diego to them.

DINA: what

DINA: wait aldrich likes diggy?

DINA: wait but i don't know who you're supposed to look like either

Yeah, that was quite the shock! I guess it means you don't have anyone that close to your heart like that.

DINA: ow

DINA: ...whatever. i'm not addressing that

DINA: why are we here

We're here to have a conversation, of course. I wanted to talk to you.

DINA: then talk

Alright. Hmm... Well, I want to start by saying that I had a pretty big hand in helping make the game you're playing now. SEED. The people who originally made it made it for the audience you see floating around you, and also for those they worshipped. They felt the highest form of respect would be to contribute to the universe at large by making, well, universes to populate it. Pretty cute of them!

DINA: right

DINA: what does this have to do with me

I'm getting there. I helped them ensure the game was not anything anyone could tamper with once it started! No outside input whatsoever. They protected the game fiercely, too, so there wasn't any worries about the game being modified before it could be launched. It was taboo in their culture to do anything to the game that may change it, so nobody inside was a threat.

DINA: that seems like a pretty big security oversight

It was. Somebody did take the code, shortly before the creators... well, you'll see shortly. Someone from outside of their universe, a thief who takes strange trinkets as they travel across space. They left the code in Cherry's parents' database, hiding it from everyone looking for it. However, clearly, your friend Cherry found it, and modified it without any hinderance at all. Mew's very talented! A promising programmer, I say.

DINA: i already know that

DINA: i mean not the part with the thief

DINA: but the part about cherry

Well, the modifications your friend made also allowed for a backdoor of sorts. You discussed this with Albus already. As you said--

DINA: any bozo out beyond dodecastratum could take on the role of being the god i get power from

DINA: since i'm a cleric

DINA: and this game is fucking stupid

Eloquently put! And here I am, to fill the empty role.

DINA: whoa whoa whoa

DINA: you can't just come on in and do that

DINA: there's an interview process here

There is?

DINA: yea

DINA: first question

DINA: what're your qualifications for this position

I'm an extension of the very core of existence itself.

DINA: i see

DINA: why should i choose you to be the god for my cleric bullshit

You'll have full access to my complete capabilities of existence itself, including and not limited to the power to revive the dead, the ability to create life and matter from nothing, and to destroy similarly. Though I do have to warn you: you're still limited by your human form! Using too much of my power at once may be dangerous.

DINA: fucking fascinating

DINA: right

DINA: what's your biggest weakness

I'm not the strongest with numbers and math. I've been taking courses, though!

DINA: haha what the fuck

DINA: man what the fuck is going on here

DINA: this is fucking nuts

DINA: i thought albus was weird

Did I get the position?

DINA: fucking wahtever sure

DINA: what the hell

Fantastic. I look forward to working with you, Dina. I'm glad you decided to agree - the other player I talked to agreed too, but it was pretty grumpy about dying to meet me.

DINA: wait there's someone else you talked to too?

Yes! Diego. It's a warlock, so I've volunteered my services for its powers to function too. It's a lot more limited in what it can do than you, though.

DINA: ...wow

DINA: this is fucking insane, by the way

DINA: like the moment this situation actually registers i think i'll explode

I hope you don't. Until next time, Dina.