A light blue banner reading PROLEGOMENON.


by beckett
The top of a bookshelf. There's a beat up teddy bear wearing a pilot's cap to the left, and a plastic trophy with a label reading 'ROY MILLER, FUNNYGUY' on the right.

You look on your bookshelf!

Ah, that's one of your favorite stuffed animals - TOBY! You got him as a gift from your father a while back. He's a little old, but his little pilot cap is so cute!

There's also a trophy here that you got when you graduated high school. You were elected the class clown, the funniest guy in your grade. You're not sure why, as you never really tried to be funny...

And, other than that, there's just a bunch of books about aviation. Maybe you should try looking around your BED, or maybe your CLOSET, or your DESK. Or you could just GIVE UP.


December 8, 2020

Howdy! If you were here for the initial launch of Prolegomenon, you may notice a few site changes now. For example, some colors might be different, the spoiler box has been removed becuase it was super broken, and a cool little news area down here exists! This is where I will put updates regarding any information about Prolegomenon, and any important information you, as the reader, may need to know. Thanks for reading my gay little comic, and I hope you enjoy what's in store! -Beckett