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by beckett
Roy types on his phone. The other chatter, Aldrich, is shadowed by light from their monitors.

roy! :D: so is it rude if i ask what everyone else got :O

Aldrich M.: Not at all.

Aldrich M.: I believe Reed has arranged for a sweater to be delivered at its residence today.

roy! :D: and rhett?

Aldrich M.: Well, the sweater is from both Reed and Rhett, from what I have gathered. Which is to be expected, I suppose.

roy! :D: yea...

Aldrich M.: Myself, well, I was going to offer it an all expenses paid trip to London...

Aldrich M.: But then Amada said that was too "over the top". So I settled for sending it a tiny sculpture of existentialist philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre.

roy! :D: geez aldrich!!

roy! :D: give the rest of us a fighting chance for a good gift for it, haha

Aldrich M.: I already heard it from Amada.

Aldrich M.: Anyways, Julio is getting it a custom leather jacket. He sent pictures, as well - I think it is quite delightful.

Aldrich M.: Isabelle arranged for it to receive an edible arrangement, of course.

roy! :D: oooo!! tasty :D

roy! :D: man all these gifts sound way cooler than mine

Aldrich M.: Money is always a good gift, Roy.

Aldrich M.: Yua and Sofia have drawn art for it, and Jesse wrote a little song? I did not get to listen, though - I am not certain if it will be ready, as I believe Diego will be online shortly.

Aldrich M.: And, when prompted, Dina called me a control freak, and that it did not have to answer any of my questions.

roy! :D: dinas just like that... im sure itll have a cool gift too

roy! :D: what about cherry and amada?

Aldrich M.: That is the most curious one.

Aldrich M.: From what I can surmise, Cherry has compiled code from some abandoned project mew uncovered from mew's parent's company. With Amada's assistance, they have produced some kind of mobile game.

roy! :D: whoaaaaaaa!!

roy! :D: man those two went all out this year huh?

Aldrich M.: Knowing Cherry, I suspect it is moreso an itch to demonstrate programming prowess.

Aldrich M.: They have not tested it yet, though. They intend for all of us to play.

Aldrich M.: You will likely receive a message from one of them shortly to download this app.

roy! :D: coooool cool cool

roy! :D: i hope diggy likes everything we did for it this year :D

roy! :D: it sounds like itll be awesome!

Aldrich M.: Indeed!


December 12, 2020

Hanukkah sameach, everyone. Not much to say here, other than the fact that I've tweaked the Navigation page a bit - condensing updates by groups of pages instead. Hopefully, this should make it easier to navigate to the most recent update! Hope you're all staying safe and having a good enough December. -Beckett

December 8, 2020

Howdy! If you were here for the initial launch of Prolegomenon, you may notice a few site changes now. For example, some colors might be different, the spoiler box has been removed becuase it was super broken, and a cool little news area down here exists! This is where I will put updates regarding any information about Prolegomenon, and any important information you, as the reader, may need to know. Thanks for reading my gay little comic, and I hope you enjoy what's in store! -Beckett