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by beckett
Gardener-B sits down on a couch, his back towards the camera, looking at Pedro and Jenna. Jenna stands facing him, rubbing her arm and looking away. Pedro's behind her, a hand in his jacket pocket. In the hallway, through an archway, Mia can be seen grimacing and holding the flower delicately. There's a TV hung on the wall where Roy can be seen on a boat, in a dark ocean of oil.

GARDENER-B: so you wanted to talk about the game?

GARDENER-B: what's up?

JENNA: Uh... well... we, uh... I...

PEDRO: (stop stammering! you look like a moron!)

JENNA: (You wanna tell him, then?)

PEDRO: (no, it's your freakin' discovery.)

JENNA: O-Okay. So, uh, you know, my whole- my whole thing is hearing... pretty much every timeline.

GARDENER-B: yeah, that's your punishment!

GARDENER-B: kind of an ironic one, considering how you landed here. i bet the officials thought they were hilarious for it.

JENNA: ...Yyyyyyyeah. Anyways.

JENNA: I've found somethin' a bit concerning regarding this game and stuff.


May 5, 2021

Sorry for the total lack of updates the past week or so. Been a wild time for me! But to amend this, I have prepared here a whopping 30 pages' worth of updates to make up for it. Is that okay? -Beckett

April 24, 2021

Another one that's not really news or anything, but I do have a murder mystery roleplay discord server or something now, if you guys are into that kind of thing. You can hop in as a participant or just as a spectator - both are awesome! We start in roughly a week from this moment so, yeah, get your tickets now. -Beckett

April 17, 2021

Not really news, just another reminder about the official Tumblr blog for this project, and maybe some subtle message to investigate one of my other projects I've participated in for a little fun and knowledge if you want. -Beckett

April 3, 2021

Hi! I've added some more content warnings to the about page. I'll keep adding stuff as it comes to mind - I admit, I am a little bit making this up as I go. But that's how the best things come to be, right? -Beckett

March 31, 2021

Howdy folks. I've taken some suggestions, and added easier ways to navigate to the latest updates available for PROLEGOMENON. You can find these changes on the first page of the website, as well as on the navigation page. Hope this makes it easier to read! -Beckett

March 20, 2021

Skipped another update. Oopsie. I hope you don't mind! Stay safe out there and make sure you get your vaccinations, folks. -Beckett

March 3, 2021

Sorry for the lack of update last time! A couple updates for you here - the characters page has been updated appropriately, and content warnings have been added to the about page. I'll let you guys know when these update again in the future! -Beckett