A purple banner reading PROLEGOMENON.


by beckett
Radley stands on the counter with his back to the camera. Aldrich watches him as they talk.

RADLEY: Would love to, but it's too dangerous out there.

RADLEY: You didn't have to drag me into your house, you know!

RADLEY: Could've just stuck around the town, but NO, you wanted to screw around back here.

ALDRICH: I found it smart to collect my resources at my base of operations.

ALDRICH: Speaking of which, do you have any more quests for me? And, get off the counter! You'll fall.

RADLEY: No. And not yet. But I have a bit of advice for you.


July 21, 2021

Sorry for skipping another update. I'll make up for it in a future update, I promise! -Beckett

July 10, 2021

Tossing this out again, since we've wrapped up one 'round' of this: you can participate in a fun murder mystery roleplay by joining the Discord server here! You don't have to participate, though - you can spectate as well if you like! Don't be shy. -Beckett

July 03, 2021

500 pages of Prolegomenon! -Beckett

June 30, 2021

Updated the characters page again. I'll probably do some overhaul of it shortly, adding some that are lacking profiles on that page. -Beckett

June 16, 2021

Sorry for the skipped update again - had some life stuff going down. Hey, Art Fight is coming up, by the way! Kinda exciting. I'm beckett over there, too, if you want to know. Starts July 1st! See you then. -Beckett

June 5, 2021

Six months of Prolegomenon! Pretty cool. It's also pride month, and indigenous history month, so that's pretty neat. Nothing else to say here, just observing how cool that is. Thanks for sticking with Prolegomenon so far! I hope it's entertaining enough to make it worth it. -Beckett

May 29, 2021

Another skip because it was my birthday! Next month won't have any skips. Or, at least, not a lot if any. Lol 420 pages of the comic now BTW. -Beckett