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by beckett
Albus and Dina face each other as they talk. Dina looks a little scared, while Albus looks disaffected.

DINA: so i get we're in dodecastratum or something

DINA: but what IS that is it like a country or another planet or what

ALBUS: When a new game of SEED is begun, it acts as a portal to a small preexisting pocket dimension.

DINA: another dimension

DINA: were in another dimension

ALBUS: Correct.

DINA: ...what about where we came from

ALBUS: It continues on as it already was, without your presence in it.

ALBUS: People will notice your absence, but after you've defeated this game, you'll be capable of travelling back to your home dimension at any time.

DINA: so it didn't like

DINA: blow up or something

ALBUS: Goodness, no. SEED is a game of creation, not of destruction.

ALBUS: Why do you ask?

DINA: n-no reason

DINA: do other dimensions exist

DINA: could we go to other dodecastratums

ALBUS: Many other universes and dimensions exist, yes.

ALBUS: Too many to count.

ALBUS: If you could find a way, you can travel to these other places as well. However, SEED does not provide a way to do so within itself.

ALBUS: Of course, your friends' modifications may have changed that.

DINA: right

DINA: like my class and stuff

DINA: still no clue how that works

ALBUS: I'm of no use in that regard, Dina.

ALBUS: How your cleric status interacts with your survival powers is unknown.

ALBUS: I will say, the selection seems to have impacted how your fellow players harness and manifest their powers.

ALBUS: Perhaps that will help you.

DINA: yeah fucking awesome

DINA: a cleric is a dnd thing

ALBUS: Clarify?

DINA: it's like

DINA: people who can use powers from a higher being and stuff

DINA: they draw magic from that usually to heal other people or whatever

ALBUS: Well, at least healing falls in line with your assigned gift of survival.

ALBUS: The game doesn't come with any higher beings, though, I'm sorry to report.

ALBUS: I don't believe your friend added any, too.

DINA: fucking awesome

DINA: so i'm useless

ALBUS: Perhaps.

ALBUS: If you draw your ability for survival from higher beings, it might...

DINA: what

ALBUS: Well, this is purely theoretical.

ALBUS: This game is designed to perform as it does without any outside influence whatsoever.

ALBUS: This is a method of anticheat.

ALBUS: However, nobody ever considered it may be modified pregame, especially on such a significant level.

ALBUS: Thus, your powers may be an accidental...

DINA: a backdoor

DINA: since that means any bozo out bey--

ALBUS: I wouldn't recommend talking about this subject any further at this time.

ALBUS: What other questions did you have?



November 06, 2021

Welcome back, everyone! I hope Halloween was good for all of you. In the meantime, I've released a demo of an upcoming visual novel, Spoiler Alert! You're the Killer. It's available for free download over here, so go ahead and check it out. Thank you! Also, while I was away, we hit 50k views on this website, so that's pretty cool. Starting to feel like a full-fledged thing now! I appreciate your support and patience, and I'm glad to be back on this. See ya! -Beckett

September 22, 2021

Sorry for forgetting an update. Been busy. Content warning this week and from this point on of fire if you need that! -Beckett

September 15, 2021

1. I fucked up the date on the previous news entry. SHHH! 2. This update contains something whose coloration may be eyestraining for some. It's only for a couple panels, but proceed with caution if you're susceptible to that. 3. Hey, I opened a ko-fi! So if you want to support me monetarily to show your appreciation for Prolegomenon - or anything else I've made, honestly - you can put that right here! 4. I'm working on a visual novel project, with an aim for a demo release sometime before Halloween. Keep an ear out for that! 5. There's nothing else to say here, I just wanted five topics to discuss this update. Thanks a lot! -Beckett

September 11, 2021

Oops. Hey, we're back in business, everyone! Sorry for the delay, the trip took a bit out of me, and life's been a little busy. I've been meaning to get back to this, though, so here we are once again. Welcome back! I'd also like to say there's now a dedicated page to villagers in Prolegomenon, since there's a handful of those little guys now. Second, I'm dropping another reminder about that Discord server for Prolegomenon. It's pretty quiet in there, but it's a live announcement kinda thing, and you also have direct access to the process of me making stuff, I guess. Anyways! Have a good one. -Beckett

July 31, 2021

Hey everyone! This is the last update I'll be publishing for a couple of weeks, as I have a big trip to get ready for (and go on). I'm hoping to have updates back and running on the regular schedule by August 21st, though we'll see how that goes. Stay safe and take care! I appreciate the support! -Beckett

July 21, 2021

Sorry for skipping another update. I'll make up for it in a future update, I promise! -Beckett

July 10, 2021

Tossing this out again, since we've wrapped up one 'round' of this: you can participate in a fun murder mystery roleplay by joining the Discord server here! You don't have to participate, though - you can spectate as well if you like! Don't be shy. -Beckett