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by beckett
Albus looks at Dina. Their arms are behind their back, and they seem bored.

DINA: sorry if this is rude but what are you exactly

DINA: you aren't human but you definitely act like it

ALBUS: You can consider me a representative figure of the--

DINA: yeah yeah

DINA: you already SAID that

ALBUS: ...I don't understand the question.

DINA: ok uhhh

DINA: like you're albus, that's your name

ALBUS: Correct.

DINA: how old are you albus

ALBUS: Eight.

DINA: eight

ALBUS: Yes. Eight hours old. This is how long this game's been running.

DINA: what the fuck

DINA: that can't be fucking true

ALBUS: Well, I was created as the first player entered, as was Olivia.

ALBUS: So, yes, it is true. However, I suppose the age I was designed to portray is young adult, as many of our players are that age as well.

DINA: ok see young adult like 18-25 or whatever

DINA: that's a normal response

DINA: so what're your pronouns

ALBUS: Pardon?

DINA: like i use it/its

DINA: dina took its dog for a walk it rode its bike whatever

ALBUS: I don't... have... any?

DINA: do you just not use them

ALBUS: No, I've just never had to consider such a question, Dina.

ALBUS: I'm touched that you feel I'm high enough in society to deserve some. However, as I am a computer construct, I don't believe I have any assigned.

ALBUS: Thus, you are permitted to use any pronouns you please to refer to me.

DINA: haha got it

DINA: you're so fucking weird haha

DINA: sorry i don't mean to laugh just hahaha what the hell hahaha

DINA: i'm asking a robot their pronouns hahaha

ALBUS: Yes, it is very confusing.

DINA: high enough in society for them hahaha

ALBUS: ...Yes, that... was a statement.

ALBUS: I don't understand what's amusing from that.

DINA: everyone has pronouns numbnuts

DINA: except people who don't want them

ALBUS: Ah. This is how human society functions.

ALBUS: Fascinating.

DINA: wh

DINA: wait

DINA: you were SERIOUS

ALBUS: Yes. The ones who created myself and this game utilize pronouns in a... different way, it seems.

ALBUS: It more commonly detonates societal status.

ALBUS: What do yours indicate, then?

DINA: like gender or something

DINA: but not always sometimes it's just whatever

DINA: the rules are loose

DINA: wait so like all poor people in your world have the same pronouns


ALBUS: Similarly ranked occupations in importance to society also have this function.

DINA: what the hell

DINA: who MADE you

ALBUS: The mimeo.

DINA: the minimum?

ALBUS: No, the--

ALBUS: ...

ALBUS: Ah. I'll expand upon this further at a later date, hm?

ALBUS: ...Please.

DINA: ok uh

DINA: shit fine



November 06, 2021

Welcome back, everyone! I hope Halloween was good for all of you. In the meantime, I've released a demo of an upcoming visual novel, Spoiler Alert! You're the Killer. It's available for free download over here, so go ahead and check it out. Thank you! Also, while I was away, we hit 50k views on this website, so that's pretty cool. Starting to feel like a full-fledged thing now! I appreciate your support and patience, and I'm glad to be back on this. See ya! -Beckett

September 22, 2021

Sorry for forgetting an update. Been busy. Content warning this week and from this point on of fire if you need that! -Beckett

September 15, 2021

1. I fucked up the date on the previous news entry. SHHH! 2. This update contains something whose coloration may be eyestraining for some. It's only for a couple panels, but proceed with caution if you're susceptible to that. 3. Hey, I opened a ko-fi! So if you want to support me monetarily to show your appreciation for Prolegomenon - or anything else I've made, honestly - you can put that right here! 4. I'm working on a visual novel project, with an aim for a demo release sometime before Halloween. Keep an ear out for that! 5. There's nothing else to say here, I just wanted five topics to discuss this update. Thanks a lot! -Beckett

September 11, 2021

Oops. Hey, we're back in business, everyone! Sorry for the delay, the trip took a bit out of me, and life's been a little busy. I've been meaning to get back to this, though, so here we are once again. Welcome back! I'd also like to say there's now a dedicated page to villagers in Prolegomenon, since there's a handful of those little guys now. Second, I'm dropping another reminder about that Discord server for Prolegomenon. It's pretty quiet in there, but it's a live announcement kinda thing, and you also have direct access to the process of me making stuff, I guess. Anyways! Have a good one. -Beckett

July 31, 2021

Hey everyone! This is the last update I'll be publishing for a couple of weeks, as I have a big trip to get ready for (and go on). I'm hoping to have updates back and running on the regular schedule by August 21st, though we'll see how that goes. Stay safe and take care! I appreciate the support! -Beckett

July 21, 2021

Sorry for skipping another update. I'll make up for it in a future update, I promise! -Beckett

July 10, 2021

Tossing this out again, since we've wrapped up one 'round' of this: you can participate in a fun murder mystery roleplay by joining the Discord server here! You don't have to participate, though - you can spectate as well if you like! Don't be shy. -Beckett