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by beckett
Dina looks up and to the right. A thought bubble with doodles of Sofia and Diego appear in it above its head.

gamer gf: ok

nosy nancy: okay

nosy nancy: it sounds surreal to me too, dont worry

nosy nancy: but this is all very much real

nosy nancy: as for everyones reactions, a few others have been equally surprised and freaked out as you

nosy nancy: so you arent alone in this

gamer gf: fucking sofia jumped right in

nosy nancy: i think sofia and diego are rather special cases

nosy nancy: considering all the seemingly supernatural shit that happens to their family

gamer gf: yea but like

gamer gf: g-d

gamer gf: theres a fucking difference between like their half sibling ghost hunting or whatever and launching yourself headfirst into a whole new universe

nosy nancy: i dont think we have much of a way to assess how well theyve taken to all this, personally

nosy nancy: i know its insane

nosy nancy: haha, it all sounds insane

nosy nancy: if we ever tried to explain this to anyone outside of our little group theyd probably lock us up

gamer gf: lol

nosy nancy: but it is real

nosy nancy: what prompted this? did something happen?

gamer gf: yea i like

gamer gf: uh

gamer gf: hm

gamer gf: i met someone

nosy nancy: someone?

gamer gf: someone not part of the game

gamer gf: you know what nvm

gamer gf: it's fucking stupid

gamer gf: but apparently we have to play this game, since we were always going to anyways

nosy nancy: we were?

gamer gf: yea some bullshit about timelines

gamer gf: fuck we have TIMELINES

gamer gf: dude i'm getting so many answers to how the universe works today

gamer gf: and none of them are good for my brain right now

nosy nancy: i... see

nosy nancy: im sorry, dina

nosy nancy: it sounds overwhelming in there

gamer gf: yea

gamer gf: you aren't in yet?

nosy nancy: isas been waiting for you!

nosy nancy: and then its jesse, then myself

gamer gf: why can't you just come in simultaneously

nosy nancy: well, if what you and the others have said is right, then this game opens a temporary portal to whisk away unsuspecting players

nosy nancy: i have no clue how these portals work AT ALL, so i made the call that only having one of those open at a time is best

gamer gf: oh

gamer gf: so isa didn't launch because you weren't sure if i was in yet or not

nosy nancy: yep!


November 17, 2021

Just wanted to throw this here, too, in case anyone has any interest: I've got commissions open now, so if you want me to draw your goofy fun guys, feel free to visit this URL to see all relevant info for that! Additionally, I've got a Kofi that also allows you to see some pretty exclusive content for Prolegomenon. So if you're interested in that, too, consider throwing some cash my way? Thanks! -Beckett

November 06, 2021

Welcome back, everyone! I hope Halloween was good for all of you. In the meantime, I've released a demo of an upcoming visual novel, Spoiler Alert! You're the Killer. It's available for free download over here, so go ahead and check it out. Thank you! Also, while I was away, we hit 50k views on this website, so that's pretty cool. Starting to feel like a full-fledged thing now! I appreciate your support and patience, and I'm glad to be back on this. See ya! -Beckett

September 22, 2021

Sorry for forgetting an update. Been busy. Content warning this week and from this point on of fire if you need that! -Beckett

September 15, 2021

1. I fucked up the date on the previous news entry. SHHH! 2. This update contains something whose coloration may be eyestraining for some. It's only for a couple panels, but proceed with caution if you're susceptible to that. 3. Hey, I opened a ko-fi! So if you want to support me monetarily to show your appreciation for Prolegomenon - or anything else I've made, honestly - you can put that right here! 4. I'm working on a visual novel project, with an aim for a demo release sometime before Halloween. Keep an ear out for that! 5. There's nothing else to say here, I just wanted five topics to discuss this update. Thanks a lot! -Beckett

September 11, 2021

Oops. Hey, we're back in business, everyone! Sorry for the delay, the trip took a bit out of me, and life's been a little busy. I've been meaning to get back to this, though, so here we are once again. Welcome back! I'd also like to say there's now a dedicated page to villagers in Prolegomenon, since there's a handful of those little guys now. Second, I'm dropping another reminder about that Discord server for Prolegomenon. It's pretty quiet in there, but it's a live announcement kinda thing, and you also have direct access to the process of me making stuff, I guess. Anyways! Have a good one. -Beckett

July 31, 2021

Hey everyone! This is the last update I'll be publishing for a couple of weeks, as I have a big trip to get ready for (and go on). I'm hoping to have updates back and running on the regular schedule by August 21st, though we'll see how that goes. Stay safe and take care! I appreciate the support! -Beckett

July 21, 2021

Sorry for skipping another update. I'll make up for it in a future update, I promise! -Beckett