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by beckett
Jesse stands in the back with their shoulders hunched up, hands to their chest, looking very nervous. Yua looks at Albus and tilts her head as she talks, looking confident. Albus looks over their shoulder at her with a scowl. Olivia is at the bottom of the panel, peering over it, a finger in the air to get the others' attention.

ALBUS: You! You're the one who was clipping under the play area!

YUA: yeah that's me

YUA: what's wrong with The Light? is it supposed to spark like that?

ALBUS: None of your business.

OLIVIA: Actually, it is severely your business!

OLIVIA: It appears it's been... broken in some way.

YUA: broken?

ALBUS: Yes, just like how you've broken the rules by exploiting the game.

YUA: should've had it playtested better

ALBUS: The part of the game you were taking advantage of was NOT part of the game itself!

ALBUS: If anything, you and your other pink-loving friends should have tested the parts they were taping onto this game before they ever let it see the light of day!

OLIVIA: Albus?

OLIVIA: Could we please focus on the situation at hand? I think the players should be aware.

YUA: i'd like to learn more about this stuff too

YUA: what's with this big machine?


April 02, 2022

And we've finally wrapped up Episode 2. I hope you're all enjoying this comic so far, and I am so sorry it's taken SO long to get to this point. The story is finally underway! -Beckett

March 26, 2022

We're in the home stretch for wrapping up Episode 2, finally. Sorry for missing the last couple of updates. Again, you can get news on if an update is going out or not over on the official Tumblr blog, the Discord server, and my Twitter. Have a good one. -Beckett

March 16, 2022

It's already on the warnings list, but I figured I'd mention it again for this particular chunk of story - going deeper on the subject of being in a video game here. If that's rough for your brain, then probably proceed with caution. Cheers! -Beckett

March 13, 2022

This is semi-spoilers, but I've updated the characters page once more. With this, we've FINALLY met our main cast. It's only taken a year and a quarter. -Beckett

March 02, 2022

Hey guys! Nothing actually Prolegomenon related, but I did want to throw this announcement in here too for anyone interested. An older project that I made about... five years ago this October (jeez!) is getting a redux pretty soon, so if you like ghosts, houses, and ghosts in houses, you should keep an eye on this Tumblr blog for any updates relating to that. The original story content is also available on this blog, and it's still pretty fun even without the touch-ups I'm adding to it elsewhere, so check it out. Thanks. -Beckett

February 26, 2022

I've taken the liberty of fixing up a few things on the site, just some regular maintenance - touching up the not found page since the image got broken somehow (yikes!), and adding a few characters to the characters page too. Another gentle reminder that I'm also saving up to move out soon, so if you like what I'm making here and want to show it, even just $3 on my Kofi can make a world of difference for me. Additionally, my commissions are open too, so if you want something more personal, don't hesitate to contact me! I hope you guys enjoy this update and are staying safe. -Beckett

February 23, 2022

Sorry for skipping that previous update. Here's double the pages to make up for it. Take care of yourselves out there! -Beckett