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by beckett
Amada looks annoyed as various thought bubbles appear above her head. One contains a cartoonish drawing of Cherry with cat ears and a tail, one contains a golden wrapped present with the icon of a game controller on it, and the last contains a red cell phone.

TENGO GRAN GAY: ugh cant

TENGO GRAN GAY: busy poking arnd in the server for the game

xXxcookienomz74xXx: the game?

xXxcookienomz74xXx: what game?

TENGO GRAN GAY: thing kitty n i have been workin on

xXxcookienomz74xXx: OH

xXxcookienomz74xXx: SRRY BAD MEMORY

xXxcookienomz74xXx: omg

TENGO GRAN GAY: its cool

xXxcookienomz74xXx: wait ur testing it all out NOW??

TENGO GRAN GAY: well i thought it was all gud

TENGO GRAN GAY: but then roy opend it n it broke his phone

xXxcookienomz74xXx: oh no :(

xXxcookienomz74xXx: that is super NOT poggers. cringe, might i say.

TENGO GRAN GAY: mega fuckin cringe dude

TENGO GRAN GAY: so kitty tried 2 dc him n stuff

TENGO GRAN GAY: ig it didnt work

TENGO GRAN GAY: since mew is now playing to yell at him to leave manually

TENGO GRAN GAY: i think?

xXxcookienomz74xXx: weird...

xXxcookienomz74xXx: yea hes offline rn huh

xXxcookienomz74xXx: whats the game like?


TENGO GRAN GAY: well kinda a mix?

TENGO GRAN GAY: its likeee

TENGO GRAN GAY: pocket camp meets dnd i guess

TENGO GRAN GAY: or maybe not idk tht was how it was in concept but idk how it turned out rlly

TENGO GRAN GAY: on the computer emulators it was like that

xXxcookienomz74xXx: ooo

xXxcookienomz74xXx: it sounds really epic

xXxcookienomz74xXx: i hope we can play sometime!

TENGO GRAN GAY: yea i was hoping we cld play today but i think tht was a bit ambitious

xXxcookienomz74xXx: teehee

xXxcookienomz74xXx: well dont push urselves to fix it! diggy will love anything u guys give it

xXxcookienomz74xXx: literally u culd probably package dirt and mail it in and itd be surprised XD


TENGO GRAN GAY: is it back home yet?

xXxcookienomz74xXx: not yet!

xXxcookienomz74xXx: ill let u get to troubleshootin

xXxcookienomz74xXx: when it gets back ill lyk

TENGO GRAN GAY: tyyyyyyy


January 27, 2021

Sorry for skipping an update unexpectedly. In apology, I'll throw a really cool uquiz thingy at ya. Go wild, kids - though careful, since it has some spoilers for some future characters. -Beckett

January 16, 2021

I've made a blog for the webcomic over on Tumblr! You can find it right here. I'll be posting various stuff related to the comic over there, like update notifications, fanart, answering questions, whatever. Of course, you can still get news from this section here, though the content on the blog may be more substantial. -Beckett

January 9, 2021

5,000 site views is kinda cool. I'm confident most of those are me, though. 100 pages is also pretty cool. Have a good weekend! -Beckett

January 6, 2021

It felt a little weird to be posting this webcomic update on today - in case you aren't aware, the U.S. is going through it today. I already had most of this done before this, though, so I figured it wouldn't hurt to just quietly update it. I hope everyone reading this is doing okay, and staying safe. -Beckett

January 2, 2021

Happy New Years! I know the Navigation page looks a little odd. Get used to it. -Beckett

December 27, 2020

Apologies for the late update this time! My computer broke really badly, but it's all good now. The show must go on, as they day! Welcome to the end of Episode 1 of Prolegomenon - I hope everybody is enjoying it thus far. -Beckett

December 19, 2020

Finally settled on a way to format the characters page, I'll add more as more characters are introduced. We're already approaching the end of Episode 1! I promise that the rest will not be so short. -Beckett