A reddish pink banner reading PROLEGOMENON.


by beckett
Amada types on her phone with the chat bubble floating above her head. Her back is to the camera.

TENGO GRAN GAY: did i rly upset him so much he culdnt talk to me?

blue person number three: course not!

blue person number three: hes just worried abt roy, yknow?

TENGO GRAN GAY: if u say so...

blue person number three: i promise!

blue person number three: hes calmin down right now


blue person number three: sorry he got pretty aggressive there...

blue person number three: u didnt deserve tht :-(

TENGO GRAN GAY: cant say i blame him

TENGO GRAN GAY: it is pretty hard to wrap my head arnd too

blue person number three: u said roy opened some kinda game?


TENGO GRAN GAY: and prolly got sucked to the desert

TENGO GRAN GAY: or sumwhere

blue person number three: i see...

blue person number three: how abt u go fix whatevers going on w tht game, and ill calm rhett down?

TENGO GRAN GAY: i dont evn kno where to start

blue person number three: uve got this amada

blue person number three: ur smart, and a good problem solver

blue person number three: if anyone can do it its u!

blue person number three: just figure out where roy is so we can get him back home safe

TENGO GRAN GAY: easier said thn dun

blue person number three: like i said, ull figure it out... ur smart

blue person number three: i believe in u!!


February 6, 2021

Hello again! After some polling, I've decided to make an official PROLEGOMENON Discord server. You can join this server here, to talk about the comic, share your thoughts, and get access to maybe exclusive content? Who knows. The link is permanently available on the about page, so if you ever decide to join later, you can find it there always. -Beckett

February 3, 2021

Apologies if stuff looks a little funny here on out! I've changed computers and adjusting to this has been pretty difficult. In other news, I've been considering making a Discord server for Prolegomenon... so I'm going to gauge public interest with this poll! Feel free to vote how you'd feel about that and I'll keep people posted on if this server happens or not. Have a good one! -Beckett

January 27, 2021

Sorry for skipping an update unexpectedly. In apology, I'll throw a really cool uquiz thingy at ya. Go wild, kids - though careful, since it has some spoilers for some future characters. -Beckett

January 16, 2021

I've made a blog for the webcomic over on Tumblr! You can find it right here. I'll be posting various stuff related to the comic over there, like update notifications, fanart, answering questions, whatever. Of course, you can still get news from this section here, though the content on the blog may be more substantial. -Beckett

January 9, 2021

5,000 site views is kinda cool. I'm confident most of those are me, though. 100 pages is also pretty cool. Have a good weekend! -Beckett

January 6, 2021

It felt a little weird to be posting this webcomic update on today - in case you aren't aware, the U.S. is going through it today. I already had most of this done before this, though, so I figured it wouldn't hurt to just quietly update it. I hope everyone reading this is doing okay, and staying safe. -Beckett

January 2, 2021

Happy New Years! I know the Navigation page looks a little odd. Get used to it. -Beckett