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by beckett
Roy is further in the background, looking at his phone. A piece of the factory is between the camera and him, out of focus.

Direct message history between roy! :D and nosy nancy

nosy nancy: roy!

nosy nancy: what's the wire on your slice of dodecastratum so far?

roy! :D: ...wire?

nosy nancy: how's it going

roy! :D: OH

roy! :D: it's... going!!

roy! :D: i've just started to tackle my actual quest :P

nosy nancy: i see!

nosy nancy: well i don't literally see

nosy nancy: going all eight i assume?

roy! :D: umm

nosy nancy: going good. that means going good.

nosy nancy: sorry

roy! :D: haha it's okay :)

roy! :D: i just don't read lots of mystery stuff

roy! :D: more of a likeeee

roy! :D: airplane manual guy?

nosy nancy: yeah i get that

nosy nancy: if you need me to talk more normal i can

nosy nancy: it's just habit from roleplaying you know?

roy! :D: it's okay i don't mind!!

roy! :D: it's charming :)

nosy nancy: :)

nosy nancy: right though! quest?


December 07, 2022

Happy two years, PROLEGOMENON! -Beckett

November 26, 2022

I've cleaned up and reset the official PROLEGOMENON discord server, so if you're interested in getting news on updates, art, other projects, and seeing the official playlist I listen to when making updates, go ahead and click this link to join! Due to the nature of cleaning it up and clearing it out, if you were previously in the server, you will have to rejoin. Sorry! -Beckett

November 09, 2022

1000 pages! -Beckett

November 02, 2022

We're back in business. Additionally: I've released that Ghost House project! If you want to view my spooky Halloween adventure, you can find it here. All PROLEGOMENON news is being hosted on this blog now, too. So keep your eye on that instead, if you're looking for the latest PROLEGOMENON news! -Beckett

August 16, 2022

Hey all! A couple of things here. First, I've finished my mission in fixing up all the older pages on this website. If you find any pages to be broken, missing images, or having typos, you can always shoot me an ask on my Tumblr (linked in my Carrd, which, as always, is linked at the top of every page). Secondly, the update schedule for this webcomic may or may not change from its usual Wednesday and Saturday at 7 PM EST. I know, scary! If it does, I'll be sure to announce this at least two updates before any schedule change, both down in the news section here and in the official Discord server and Tumblr blog. Thanks for the support! -Beckett

August 10, 2022

Still chipping away at touching up the site's older pages, though I'm getting close to complete. If you find any errors or issues, you can always contact me on my various social medias available on my Carrd. Thanks for the support and love! -Beckett

July 30, 2022

Skipped the last update right after apologizing for missing so many! Sorry folks. I promise PROLEGOMENON is my priority creatively at the moment, at least until I start crunching myself for Ghost House. -Beckett