A blue banner reading PROLEGOMENON.


by beckett
Malachi's eyes are closed. He holds his hands up as he talks.

MALACHI: I just need you to get something for me really quick first. It got stuck on the powerlines outside.


July 30, 2022

Skipped the last update right after apologizing for missing so many! Sorry folks. I promise PROLEGOMENON is my priority creatively at the moment, at least until I start crunching myself for Ghost House. -Beckett

July 23, 2022

Sorry for the lack of updates lately. In the meantime, though, I released another project! You can look it over right here. Just a simple little thing, but I hope it makes up for the lack of PROLEGOMENON. -Beckett

July 02, 2022

We've hit 100,000 views on the website! Most of those are probably me making sure all the code and links work though... but it's still a pretty neat milestone. Thanks a lot! Another bit of news: I'll be releasing another, semi-related creative project on the 10th of this month, so keep an eye on my various social medias for that news. I'm still working on cleaning up the site and updating old pages, so if you go in for a reread... sorry for how messy it may be right now. I promise I'm chipping away at it! That's all for right now. Thanks again for the support and love! -Beckett

June 22, 2022

Art Fight, by the way. That's all! -Beckett

June 18, 2022

I know the warning applies to most of the comic already, but an extra emphasis for this week's update on the themes of unreality and gif warning/potential eyestrain. Proceed with caution! -Beckett

June 15, 2022

Welcome back! You may notice some growing pains in the site - odd code, differently formatted pages, the whole shebang. I've decided to try cleaning up the site, hosting the images directly on Neocities instead of just using Discord links for them (which break a lot easier). This does mean I have to pay to be a Neocities supporter, so again, if you enjoy this webcomic and want to see more, consider commissioning me or throwing some cash my way through the Ko-fi. -Beckett

April 13, 2022

After this update, PROLEGOMENON is officially on hiatus again while I figure out moving across the world! If you'd like to support me finanically through this time, my Kofi is available there. Plus, I always have commissions open. Thanks for the support and enjoyment of my funny little comic, and I'll see you guys on the other side! -Beckett