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by beckett
The chat notification. Roy looks at his phone now.

P: Wow! Holding up okay there?

P: Roy?

roy! :D: did that really just happen

P: Yeah. You really did just fling yourself into that oil without second thought.

P: You're down a life now.

roy! :D: holy shit

roy! :D: that sucked

roy! :D: what happened??

P: Why wasn't the oil bouncy like before, you mean?

P: It may have something to do with your powers? I've got no clue.

P: Our oil was also liquid and not... I don't know the word for it. But you know what I mean. So it shouldn't have been bouncy as it was.

roy! :D: my head hurts

roy! :D: and my chest is burning

P: That's normal.

P: Try exercising more caution in the future, alright? You only get to do that two more times before it becomes a real problem.

roy! :D: did you ever

roy! :D: you know

P: Jump into oil? Haha, no.

P: I did die though, yeah.

P: It wasn't that big of a deal to me back then, though I guess your kind isn't really prepared for something like that.

P: Experiencing it physically and emotionally, that is.

roy! :D: and it just respawns me back at home??

P: If the place where you died isn't safe for you to respawn at, yes.

P: If you'd died on the platform from something instead, you'd wake up back on that platform.

P: When you die, go unconscious, or leave an area, all hostiles in the area despawn.

roy! :D: right

roy! :D: jeez

roy! :D: i need some water

P: After how you just died?

roy! :D: hm


August 16, 2022

Hey all! A couple of things here. First, I've finished my mission in fixing up all the older pages on this website. If you find any pages to be broken, missing images, or having typos, you can always shoot me an ask on my Tumblr (linked in my Carrd, which, as always, is linked at the top of every page). Secondly, the update schedule for this webcomic may or may not change from its usual Wednesday and Saturday at 7 PM EST. I know, scary! If it does, I'll be sure to announce this at least two updates before any schedule change, both down in the news section here and in the official Discord server and Tumblr blog. Thanks for the support! -Beckett

August 10, 2022

Still chipping away at touching up the site's older pages, though I'm getting close to complete. If you find any errors or issues, you can always contact me on my various social medias available on my Carrd. Thanks for the support and love! -Beckett

July 30, 2022

Skipped the last update right after apologizing for missing so many! Sorry folks. I promise PROLEGOMENON is my priority creatively at the moment, at least until I start crunching myself for Ghost House. -Beckett

July 23, 2022

Sorry for the lack of updates lately. In the meantime, though, I released another project! You can look it over right here. Just a simple little thing, but I hope it makes up for the lack of PROLEGOMENON. -Beckett

July 02, 2022

We've hit 100,000 views on the website! Most of those are probably me making sure all the code and links work though... but it's still a pretty neat milestone. Thanks a lot! Another bit of news: I'll be releasing another, semi-related creative project on the 10th of this month, so keep an eye on my various social medias for that news. I'm still working on cleaning up the site and updating old pages, so if you go in for a reread... sorry for how messy it may be right now. I promise I'm chipping away at it! That's all for right now. Thanks again for the support and love! -Beckett

June 22, 2022

Art Fight, by the way. That's all! -Beckett

June 18, 2022

I know the warning applies to most of the comic already, but an extra emphasis for this week's update on the themes of unreality and gif warning/potential eyestrain. Proceed with caution! -Beckett