A gray banner reading PROLEGOMENON.


by beckett

PROLEGOMENON is a webcomic about how much the universe loves you, and how little it will do to save you.

it is a webcomic about thirteen (13) friends who play a mobile game and wind up sucked into another universe, with the only way out being to beat the game. however, there's a bit of a snag with this goal - the mobile game is buggy, and their final objective is also their biggest threat. there's weird inter-dimensional bullshit, funny cartoon cats that swear, pronouns, violin songs for an audience of one, awkward holidays, weird flowers, and more... a little something for everyone.

updates every wednesday and saturday at 5 PM PDT. you can join the official discord server for PROLEGOMENON here to talk about it with others, get notified of updates, and share your thoughts on it! i aim to do my best to present a webcomic that is respectful of all minorities, and explicitly excludes bigots of all kinds from enjoying it, so if you feel I am not fulfilling this goal, you are completely welcome to contact me about it.


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