A gray banner reading PROLEGOMENON.


by beckett

PROLEGOMENON is a webcomic about twelve friends who play a game together, as friends usually tend to do. There are little animal creatures, building simulators, aliens, gay romances, deviantArt adopts, homemade gods, women (?), awkward holidays, mobile games, and more. Surely there's something that you can enjoy, too.

All art made in ArtRage Studio. Updates every Wednesday and Saturday at 7 PM EST. You can join the official Discord server for PROLEGOMENON here to talk about it with others, get notified of updates, and share your thoughts on it! I aim to do my best to present a webcomic that is respectful of all minorities, and explicitly excludes bigots of all kinds from enjoying it, so if you feel I am not fulfilling this goal, you are completely welcome to contact me about it.

CONTENT WARNINGS for flashing/flickering images, as well as the approach towards or mentions of topics such as: